In 1960, JELD-WEN® was a small Oregon millwork plant with 15 employees. During those early days, the company established a culture based on inspired vision, thoughtful planning, and diligent craftsmanship. This culture has helped Jeld Wen become a well-respected company with over 150 divisions and more than 20,000 employees worldwide. By bringing the companies of Willmar Windows, United Windows, DF Windows and Millwork Distribution into their family, JELD-WEN has extended its corporate culture and philosophy to Canada.

In 1996, JELD-WEN acquired the first of the Canadian operations. It was at this time that JELD-WEN of Canada was founded.

In 2003, JELD-WEN consolidated its 27 brands under a single product identity, making it one of the largest manufacturers of windows and doors, with plants spread around the world. JELD-WEN has locations internationally in 22 countries. These operations include manufacturing facilities, distribution and design centers.


Although they don’t actually use energy, windows and doors can be a major source of heat loss. This is why more and more Canadians demand high performance windows and doors that meet ENERGY STAR standards. By considerably lowering energy costs, they represent substantial savings while providing comfort to your home or building. In addition, they help reduce potential condensation and attenuate outside noise.

For all these reasons, JELD-WEN Canada is a proud member of the ENERGY STAR program in the window, sliding glass door and entry door category. This program ensures that energy performance is tested by a laboratory accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.

You can be sure that all JELD-WEN products bearing the ENERGY STAR symbol are ideally designed to withstand all Canadian weather conditions.
What is Low-E glass?

Low-E, or low emissivity glass has been coated with a low-emittance material designed to reflect heat. A window made with low emissivity glass repels ultraviolet rays that cause heat during summer months, but absorbs them and lets the heat in during winter. This type of glass can help you significantly lower your energy bills all year long.


ENERGY STAR is a voluntary Canadian energy efficiency initiative that helps consumers identify the most energy efficient products available. Administered by Natural Resources Canada, the ENERGY STAR program is internationally recognized and users include various levels of government, public service companies, manufacturers, retailers and environmental organizations.

In addition to administering the program, Natural Resources Canada oversees the promotion of its symbol and compliance with strict certification standards. ENERGY STAR-qualified products include home appliances, office equipment, consumer electronics, heating, cooling and ventilation equipment, lighting and signage equipment, commercial and industrial products, and windows and doors.
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How to Choose the Right ENERGY STAR Windows and Doors?

1. Consult the Canada’s ENERGY STAR map divided in climate zones in order to know which one you are in.
2. The ENERGY STAR products that will suit your zones will be indicated on your windows and doors.
3. Choose a model that suits the climate zone where you live or a superior zone.

ENERGY STAR windows and doors will allow you savings that could reach 12%. There are many more advantages in the quality of these products: better comfort, less noises coming from the outside and less condensation than the traditional models.

What is Performance Energy Rating (ER) and the U-Value?

The U value measures the transfer rate or the thermal conductance of a product. The lower this value is, the more isolating value of the product is.

The energy performance rating assesses a window based on 3 aspects: the solar heat gain contribution, heat loss by the frame, the glazing or the spare and the heat loss by air leakage, no matter the material and the assembly method. Also, the higher the ER value of a product is, the better its energy performance.

In order to get the ENERGY STAR sign on a product, the U or the ER values must be certified by a third party.


The DF3103 series of all-vinyl casement windows is the product of remarkable design in terms of both quality and durability – a touch of excellence that enhances their elegant style.
Standard Features
• Durable protection – even at extremely low temperatures – against air and water infiltration with double weather-stripping
• Superior strength with sturdy 3 1/4″ all-vinyl sash
• Cast metal hardware for exceptional strength and durability

Sashes with shadow groove corner cleaning to assure a cleaner, consistent finish.

Multi-point locking system for added security and easy use.

Folding handle
Truth® Encore® operator folding handle for greater convenience.
Additional Options
• Superior energy performance with low-E plus Argon insulated glass.
• Grill styles
• Sealed grille models
Installed between glass panes for easy maintenance.

Simulated divided lites
To recreate the look of old-style windows. This would be applied on interior and exterior glass surfaces.

False mullions
For a stunning grill effect. This would be applied on interior and exterior glass surfaces.

• Color selector – exterior colors
• Glass choices
• Exterior accessories for all-vinyl products