Nothing’s more comfortable than a home fitted with Laflamme’s window and doors. Built to the highest standards with innovated technology, they make your home an oasis of comfort and security year around.

Laflamme was the first major Canadian window manufacturer to offer vinyl windows and patio doors. Unlike other materials, vinyl is virtually maintenance-free. It requires no painting and is energy efficient, sealing your home against any kind of weather.

All LaFlamme products are made from UPVC vinyl. But true beauty is more than skin deep. Inside each Laflamme window or door you’ll find a variety of innovative features to perfectly merge the esthetic with the functional. High-impact stabilizers increases strength, resists heat, retain color and enhance UV protection. Multi-chamber frames eliminate uncontrolled expansion and contraction and provide superior insulation. A pressure-equalized drainage system channels water away from the interior of the window or door. Fusion welded fuses the corners of the window together, making a rigid structure that will stand up to virtually anything.

Laflamme’s devotion to cutting edge window and door technology means you enjoy products that exceed your expectations through years of trouble free service.

Imagine windows that don’t leak or let in the cold, doors that don’t warp in extreme heat or wet climates, just a comfortable home in wind, rain, snow or sun.

Laflamme vinyl windows are built sturdy. All their casements, hung and slider windows feature same attention to detail, superior construction and energy efficient glazing options that have made Laflamme the choice for home owners, builders and architects for 60 years.