Since 1998, a luxury brand of innovative window products – evidenced by superior engineering, uncompromising quality, elegant design and a dedicated dealer service experience – has found its way into the homes of thousands of discerning consumers. Appropriately, this luxury brand is called Majestic Windows.

While Majestic has its own factory, management and infrastructure, it also benefits from economies of scale with its sister companies.


• Vinyl Window Designs Ltd. offers the best quality product, excellent customer service, and prompt delivery of custom replacement windows at competitive prices. VWD has sold over 3.5 million windows and employs approximately 200 people.

• Aluminum Window Designs Ltd. offers state-of-the-art production of commercial curtain wall for high-rise projects as well as superior quality residential high and low-rise products. It also maintains a network of factory authorized, professional window and door installation companies, as well as its own internally supervised installation services.

• Performance Windows and Doors Inc. entered the new construction market in 1996. Our Performance Windows’ new construction line has been continually modified, in response to changing customer needs. With its own sealed unit manufacturing, vinyl bending and vinyl painting factories, Performance can fulfill all new construction windows and doors requirements.

• Performance Shutters Inc. offers state-of-the-art interior vinyl shutters in a host of configurations and custom sizes. Performance Shutters are easy to clean, strong, durable and user-friendly, even in high maintenance areas, like kitchens.

• Alberta Vinyl Window Designs was our first western production facility. It opened in 2003, with a mandate to manufacture products with specifications that are regionally driven, as part of our commitment to make the best products possible for our customers.

This family of companies currently has approximately $100,000,000 in revenues. While it thrives in replacement windows in North America, it also exports to other parts of the world.

Majestic employs a Quality Assurance Engineer who oversees product and process development – ensuring that Majestic produces The Ultimate Window™.

In Majestic’s corporate culture, employees are proud to deliver excellence consistently to their dealers. In fact, many of our dealers view Majestic as the Lexus of vinyl windows!