Tru Tech Door System’s mission is to provide the finest quality of precision manufactured Entrance Door Systems; providing value added options to further enhance the gateway to a home. They take pride in the fact that the company started from nothing and was built with entrepreneurial spirit, always believing in their own ideas for market strategy, and working towards common goals. Tru Tech is committed to their customers by creating new ideas and designing new and innovative products. Tru Tech strives to revolutionize the door manufacturing industry.

At Tru Tech, protecting the environment and its natural resources is a commitment promised to all our customers. They make it an obligation to ensure products remain energy efficient by implementing corporate policies that reflect responsible environmental standards. Fiberglass products achieve greater energy efficiency and significant savings in precious natural resources. It is just one example of the green side of Tru Tech.

Green Side

Our Energy Conservation

Tru Tech is committed to protecting the environment through energy-efficient products and practices by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy. See Tru Tech’s ENERGY STAR rating at

Sustainable Forestry Responsibility

With less than ten percent of the world’s forests being preserved, conserving natural resources is imperative. In an effort to do so, Tru Tech strives to purchase wood products that originate in sustainable managed forests.

Our Recycled Content

Recycling is key in preserving our environment. Where possible Tru Tech processes used materials to prevent waste, reduce the consumption of raw materials, and reduce energy usage. In continuous efforts to discover methods for being waste conscious, some of these recycled materials are utilized throughout various product lines.

Personal Responsibility

At Tru Tech, it is their duty to ensure that employees in all areas recycle their waste products. They recycle products such as wood, cut-outs, and scrap doors. In further eco-efforts ,they donate excess materials to charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

Tru Tech sets out to create the finest doors in the industry!

Creating the finest doors in the industry doesn’t just happen. It comes from a relentless commitment to produce the best product possible. A product whose features and attention to detail are clearly visible against the competition.

It comes from understanding the needs and requirements of their customers. Whether they are a homeowner, a retailer, a dealer, a distributor, a builder or an architect, Tru Tech strives to give them a range of outstanding product options. In their product portfolio there’s a product to enhance and beautify every application.

It comes from being innovative and willing to try new ideas, materials and production processes. It comes from having the right people. People with the vision and insight to create the products and features that matter most. And in the end, it comes from their passion to continually create a superior product and exceed customer’s product and service expectations, now and in the future.

Tru Tech Doors. The new name in doors.